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The Basic Rules

1. Always go on go (you should look slightly ahead of the rest of the line on your screen).

2. Always keep one horse width away from the wall.

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The Four Basic Gaits

A 'gait' is your horses' way of moving/ the speed they are in

Walk - the first gait.

Trot - the second gait.

Canter - the third gait.

Extended Canter - the fourth gait.

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Square Corner  ━ A true 90 degree corner for which you hold down your arrow key, then release it when straight.

Round Corner  ━ Turn a corner by tapping your arrow key, then stop tapping when straight.

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Line Labels

Primary Labels ━ In every line, label yourself from the front of the line as an “odd” numbered rider or an “even” numbered rider in that line. If your line splits, relabel yourself within the new line (new primary labels). Odds ride odd moves in the direction called, while even’s will go in the opposite direction.


Secondary Labels ━ Label the line in numbered pairs (1, 1, 2, 2 etc). If the command “secondary” is added to a move, pairs labeled 1 will ride the move in the direction called, while pairs labeled 2 will ride the move in the opposite direction.

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Default Left  ━  Left is the assumed direction in Dressage. If your commander does not specify a direction for a move, always go left! When passing another rider or line, pass left boot to left boot.


In/Out Directions  ━  When riding in split lines, the word “in” means to towards the other line, while “out” means away from the other line.

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Fundamental Moves & Cues

Cut Back ━ From a slant, all riders cut back towards their lead to be in their original line order.


Angle  ━ On go, lead will cut 45 degrees and travel at a slant across the arena with the line following.


Belt  ━ On go (for a set) or at the wall, the leader will curl over in the direction asked, all others follow the leader. 


Comb  ━ All riders cut across the arena on go. You will appear one horse ahead of everyone else on your screen (comb alignment).


Curl  ━ On go, hold your arrow key in the gait (speed) you are currently in to complete a full circle.


Curl Over  ━ All riders do half of a curl on go, without adjusting to the original track. This reverses the line order and direction.


Cut  ━ On go, lead will cut 90 degrees and travel straight across the arena.


Cut Mid  ━Cut the arena at the nearest mid letter (A, B, C, or E).


Dye  ━ Ride from corner to corner of the arena (using table spacing).


 ━ On "go", everyone will press X to halt instantly.


Gait Curl - Curl in the gait asked, but return to the gait you were originally in after your curl.


Halt Set  ━ All riders walk on “set”, leader stops on “go” . All other riders walk up to be NTT.


Hard Stop  ━ All riders stop on go by pressing down the arrow key as quickly as possible.


Pick Curl - Curl in the gait asked and continue forward in the gait you curled.

Pivot  ━ ¼, ½, ¾, or full (360). Turn your horse the amount asked from a halt.


Rear  ━ Wait for a step back, then press X (back key, X)


Slant Lines  ━ 45° lines on the arena floor used for slant moves.


Slide ━ From a comb, all riders cut towards their lead on go to become straight again in their original line order.


Stem  ━ When a rider is told to stem, they will curl over out of line and then curl over back onto the end of the line. Each rider does this one at a time on each go.

Slant  ━ On go, all riders slant in the direction said, aligning with the slanted lines on the ground. You will appear side by side with the rider in front (slant alignment).

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