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Star Stable Dressage is all about growing the community. Dressage clubs and teams are what drive the community, so SSD wants to help promote them by bringing you a system to register your club/team into - so all SSD registered riders can find the dressage club/team best suited for them!


Club/team Owners will have access to a chat within the server for communicating and planning things, and chatting. Within this chat, sometimes we may ask for feedback before opening it up to the community. 

Your club/team will be featured on the SSD website under the "SSD Registered Clubs/Teams" tab, with all your information. This includes your Discord open server and Instagram link.

Your club/team will become more involved with SSD Media, including the Instagram.

Your club/team will help represent SSD and positive community growth.

Your club/team can host Clinics within SSD. These are clinic based practices where clubs can choose any topic to teach. People can come along to watch or take part and some may even stream the clinics. There is a lot of creativity and flexibility within these clinics!

Club/team owners will be able to access the R Owner call where we have a little catch up meeting every couple of months to plan out the next club/team clinics and gain some feedback.




To register your club or team to SSD, you have a few requirements to meet:

Your club must be at least 6 months old.

Your team must be at least 3 months old.

Your club/team has to participate in SSD competitions and events every year.

Your club/team must uphold and maintain being respectful, since you are partly representing SSD.

Your club/team owner must keep SSD in loop if your club disbands, goes on break for some reason, etc.

Your club/team has to have previously been active within the dressage community.

Your club/team must have an Instagram.

You must be comfortable with all the perks and be willing to participate.

If your club/team meets the requirements above, you can apply in our Discord when application open:

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