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Gaps & Alignment

Screen delay causes you to look one horse ahead (on your screen) of where you are to other riders. These are adaptations for that!

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Halt NTT gaps: while halted, riders stand nose-to-tail.


Walk OT gaps: while walking, riders ride using overlapped tail gaps.


Trot ST gaps: while trotting, riders ride in saddles touching gaps.


Canter FI gaps: while cantering, riders ride fully inside the rider in front. 


Extended FI gaps: while riding the extended canter, riders ride fully inside the rider in front.


Gallop FI gaps: while galloping, riders ride fully inside the rider in front.

One Horse HH gaps: when riding one horse gaps in any gait, riders will ride with half a horse gap.


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Comb Alignments

Halt Alignment ━ Front hooves aligned.


Walk Alignment ━ Back hooves in line with front hooves.


Trot Alignment ━ One horse ahead. 


Canter Alignment ━ One and a half horse lengths ahead.


Extended Alignment ━ Two horses ahead.

Gallop Alignment ━ 3 to 4 horse lengths ahead.

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Other Alignments

Move Alignment  ━ When a ‘move set’ is called, riders must go on go and they will appear to start earlier than the rest of the line on their screen. 

Rein/Tier Alignment  ━ While in a rein or tier, ride one horse-length ahead of your partner.


Waterfall Alignment  ━ While in a rein (or after a waterfall), ride front hooves aligned with your partner across from you.

Slant Alignment  ━ After a slant set, ensure your front hooves and back hooves align with the horse in front of you (side by side).

Pinwheel Alignment  ━ All riders except those on the innermost circle will ride one horse ahead of the inside rider on their screen, using whichever gaits needed to maintain this.


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